Oh Boy Here Comes Another One,

It’s okay for you to wish every episode of the main Pokemon anime was Origins, of course. It’s okay to wish Ash was more like Red. It’s okay to want that and ask for it and whine about it as much as you want- I just think people forget that the anime, anyway, especially as of late, seems to be….aimed at children. Quite small children, at that. It’s not About You anymore. I could be wrong, but I feel like the anime is more intended for younger audiences now than it was before, even, and that was still for kids.

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Kinda done with this right now

I used to once take the stance of “ah well. it’s the internet, you’ll see porn of everything everywhere” and of course, people are allowed to make their fan porn. and people are allowed to look at it. Given what’s slipped into this blog, it would be hypocritical of me to not admit that I myself circulate some of that.

(continued under cut, cut made for potentially upsetting subject matter)

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Please Source Your Fanart

hello, fellow Pokemon blogs and everyone else

fanart is a frequent sight on Pokemon (and, well, any fanbase that has a robust art community) blogs and I think we can all appreciate the sheer volume of work that we get to look at. 

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